Does every single person involved in TFIF Fest have to be a woman?

No! Collaborating with female artists is encouraged, but with the exception of writing the plays, men are welcome and encouraged to participate at all levels; dudes may certainly be involved in and excited about women’s futures, too.

I have an existing project about women. Can I name it “The Future Is Female” and make it part of this Festival?

To be part of The Future Is Female Festival, a significant portion of your show must be 10-minute plays written by women on the premise “the future is female,” and it needs to be in March 2017. So if, for example, you have an existing short program going up in March that you want to do in your first act, and then present “future is female” plays in your second act, then you can Register and be included as part of the festival.

If you will not be presenting 10-minute plays written on the premise “the future is female” in your show, and/or your show will not be in March, then unfortunately it cannot be billed as part of TFIF Fest. However, we are certainly happy to cross-promote likeminded projects, so connect with us on Facebook and Twitter!

Why do all the works have to be 10-minute plays?

By sticking to short plays, each show is able to include multiple women’s voices in one night. Additionally, since writers are being asked to create new work specifically on this theme, it makes it easier for everyone to be ready in time for the March festival.

Can my show be in April?

Sorry, no. The Future Is Female Festival is a month-long festival happening in March. As a month which is typically “women’s history month,” it’s a chance for us to think about women’s futures, instead. Huzzah!